CANCELLED: 2020 Fall Training Conference

We will meet in person Thursday, November 19 at Grace Community Church in North Liberty for breakfast and a celebration of this last year.

Teachings from David Michael and the prepared breakout sessions will be part of our monthly training in 2021.

Do you struggle to equip parents and leaders in children’s ministries with resources and truth? What do our children need? And how can we help those who disciple them? Join us for a conference with David Michael of Truth78 to discover how to address the heart and needs of the next generation! 

Breakout Session Topics

Helping Parents of Children with Special Needs: Korene Lanxon

Helping Parents of Rebellious Children: Dave Kirk

Helping Families Face Trauma: Robin Werling

Helping Parents Address Sexuality: Sydney Millage

Helping Parents with Adoption: Jason Taylor

Helping Parents Prioritize Marriage: Jim Sabin

Helping Parents with Benefits and Challenges of Technology: Aimee Marino